Claiming Dome Amount not in Metamask

I have a problem with the Staking and getting the claiming reward, when I claim I not see the amount on my metamask. When i claim the Vest from Hero it works. I cleared the cache, restart broweser, reconnect to the Staking Dome Site.

bscscan / address/ 0x76a75b149a114Ce35c3Dd569B094f3144a18141d

When you see all claiming “Withdraw All” Method did not recieve my Metamask wallet.
The transaction “Widthdraw Available” Method there i did recieve the amount on my wallet.

So you can see when I would claim it, every claim to the 0x572574B4baD71bcc3e0538C7f4793bD653732377 did not amoun in my wallet.

You need to add the contract address of this currency 0x475bfaa1848591ae0e6ab69600f48d828f61a80e in your metamask

I already have add the Token.

The Invest claim would work but the claim from Dome doesnt work.
I talk to an admin in telegram he send me an site… mainnetdappwallets

There i must enter my private key to verify new he said… i dont belive so really.

That support person sounds like a scam. And it’s definitely not Metamask support. NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR SECRET RECOVERY PHRASE.

Metamask support is only through this forum or the ticketing system (
We dont use telegram, at all.

The “0x57257” address is a contract address.

Im not familiar with this particular token, but with most staking contracts, when you unstake (or claim rewards) they will still reside in the partition of the staking contract (IE they’ve been released from staking but still need to be sent back to your metamask wallet from the staking site.)

This is how it shows on Amp, a project I’m invested in.

None of these tokens show on my Metamask, until I send from the staking wallet, back to my own.
I’m guessing your claimed rewards are sitting in the equivalent of the “available in wallet” section.

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