Clarification regarding multi-accounting in Metamask

I have read the instructions on how to create multiple accounts in MetaMask wallet from here: and

I do have two questions I would like to clarify regarding this:

  1. If I name my 3rd account, let’s just say, John Doe, and later want to re-add that 3rd account after wallet recovery process through seed phrase/secret recovery key, do I need to name the 3rd account the same [John Doe] to regain access to my coins that are stored in that account? Or is the naming scheme doesn’t matter, as long as I re-add additional accounts until I created the third account? I rarely use Eth-based tokens, so I guess the system would not automatically re-add all my additional accounts since they’re using other chains, like BSC.

  2. Sorry for my dumb question, but each additional account should have different public address than the default 1st account, and different transaction log on block explorer, correct? I mainly use multi-accounting to better organize and track my holdings.

Thank you in advance.

Hello and welcome to the MetaMask community,

No, you do not have to use the previous name. It is not saved on the blockchain and after restoring your account you can use a different name.

Yes, the accounts are different.


Thank you for the reply. I understand now.


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