Missing Account 3

After updating to the newest version of Metamask all my settings got erased.
I have added my tokens and configured other chains, but it seems like one of my accounts that was recently created Account 3 0x7a92ae715fdf984f6cc7a33396a8b951b86a4e16 dissapeared and there is a different one in it’s place 0x1be6051243b59885bBF0164b92234e2085B3c79F

Unfortunately I did not save the private key to my Account 3 0x7a92ae715fdf984f6cc7a33396a8b951b86a4e16
and can’t recover it now. Is there any way to recover it with Metamask password or the seed phrase? I have some RLC tokens on it that I sent from my ledger.
I did try to retrieve the private key with Mnomenic Code converter, bip39-standalone.html, but it doesn’t show the address above I’m looking for. Strange as it shows all the other addresses, even newly created.

Anybody here had the same issue?
Still waiting for an answer from MM support.


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yes plipinski im having the same problem i put the same seed phase and only open 1 of my 6 accounts … so where do we get the help ???/

try to create a new account, it usually adds your old accounts, but in my case it did not add the same Account 3 , but a different one.

Still no response from MetaMask. Very disappointing customer service.