Coin Address/Contract Clarification


I want to swap ETH with MCRT but noticed the address of the coin doesn’t match the address shown on Coingecko.

I did use Etherscan and everything on there seems to match what’s on Coingecko (price, holders, caps, etc.) but the Contract hash are still different.

Is this common? Is it possible that it’s the same coin just with a different address?

Thanks for any clarification. Not use to using swap with MetaMask yet.

hi @Onnajy ,welcome to MetaMask community. :fox_face:

On the same chain, if the contract addresses are different, they must be different tokens.

Before swap, check the chain and contract address information.

As for the MCRT you mentioned, it is deployed on BSC, Fantom and Ethereum, please check whether the contract address you want to swap is the same as them.


Thanks! That helps a lot. I was looking at the BSC address and didn’t realize the ETH address at the bottom. That clarifies things.

ETH to MCRT match what’s on CoinGecko and EtherScan!


Great, glad to be able to help you :laughing: