Coins in my wallet disappearing/being stolen?

Hi. I bought some GRV today and throughout the day my number of coins has been going down and down. I haven’t made any transactions. I had 2,800,000 and it’s been slowly going down now at 1,500,000. GRV is doing great today and all my profit has been dropping with my coins! What’s happening and can I do anything about it??! Any help would be amazing


To be honest Leonard I panicked for a while and just kept checking and seeing it had gone down. It suddenly dawned on me that I should change my password so wiped my wallet etc and it hasn’t gone down again yet. I’m pretty new to crypto and I didn’t think someone would get into my wallet or anything so quickly if that’s what’s happened


It’s still going down! Help. It just halted again and now I’ve got like 600,000!!

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Hi Leonard. Thanks for the help. I deleted my wallet, recovered it with my recovery phrase and changed my password and there still going. Do I need to do something else? Reinstall the app etc?

I’m sorry I’m being an idiot. I can’t log into the site above. It just sends me to the page to download the app

Ok thanks. Well I’ve done it so fingers crossed it will stem the flow. I really appreciate your help

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Leonard! I’ve woken up this morning and all my GRV is gone and now nearly all of my BNB! I’ve contacted customer services but do you think there is anything else I can do. I can’t even swap my other coins now because I don’t has the bnb for gas

I know someone’s gotten into my account but I don’t know from when. I’ve only just set up my MetaMask and bought my first crypto there that day and it started going out before I could speak to anyone about it!

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I swapped xHunter token with WBNB token in metamask yesterday and the swapped balance was showed correctly on xHunter token but it shows zero balance a few hours later. There is just only small BNB balance and no any transaction.
Why are my coins disappeared?
Can’t we use metamask to keep coins for long time?
Please help me why it shows zero balance and where it went?

Hi @Chi
@metamask02 was deleted on Telegram after he asked me to put my 12 phrase to a google form.

Yep, I think I am already a victim of phishing. Is there any way to reset 12 phrase or do I need to create another metamask account?

GRV seems to be a scam.
Many people are experiencing the same thing. Coins quantity are being reduced.

Your account is not hacked. This only happens to GRV coins

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Ah no way!! Well thats nice to know even if it sucks. Makes me feel a bit better about it.

Thanks for the info

Hi Nicowin. I´m sorry to hear that but, yes you were a scam victim. Don´t share the phrase to anyone else. It´s better to create a new Meta Mask wallet.

it is happening for most of the tokens and i dont know y!!! am facing same issue, pls do let me know if some got any sort of help and resolved this issue.

Hi there, don’t panic if your purchased rebase tokens. They’re meant to be reduced and the only important thing is the market cap and not the count or worth of the coin.

Just a small info to everybody with rebase tokens:

I buy for 100USD tokens with a market cap of 1,000,000USD at purchase time.
I own 100USD.
The market cap goes up to 2,000,000USD my tokens are now 200USD worth.
The market cap goes down to 500,000USD my tokens are 50USD worth.
The worth of each token isn’t important at all, only the market cap plays the game.

I’m having the same issue here. Last week I bought 2030Floki token. It show in BSCSCan total quantity of 6 Billions token, but in my Metamask only show 31 millions. Next day, I bought additional 50 millions, it show total of 81 millions in my Metamask wallet. Since than, the number of token in my Metamask wallet is dropping everyday.

Does anyone have an idea why my token in Metamask wallet keep dropping?

Any help is appreciated.


Hey @qtheam, this is likely because your token is a rebase token, meaning the supply changes periodically.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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