After receiving Coins reduced, huge quantity dropped

I Swapped some of the USDT to Gravitoken (GRV) , the transaction was successful i could see my coins in my wallet but later on after few hours i checked more than half the coins were reduced in quantity. i lost even some of my own money i invested.


Hi @Cunaid,

Just wanted to say I had the same issue with Gravitoken. I swapped BNB to GRV and less than half of the transacted amount ended up in my MetaMask wallet.

Hey thank you for your reply,
do you know what was the issue? is the account hacked or the owner of the GRV is owner is doing this

Have had the same problem! Coins have been slowly evaporating every few hours. Have lost like 90% of what I started with.

Anyone ever find a solution to this??

Hi guys,

I had the same issue as well. I started with close to a million coins like a week ago. Now I have literally 5v left. It has to do with GRV. I am not sure Metamask can help.
Seems like Gravitoken is a scam.

Do not contact the address in the message above - you will lose everything.