Help - lost tokens

Hope every one is well.
I had the same similar problem.
I sent a $20 USDT to my Cointbase wallet as a test out of my 500 plus USDT I had as assets
Next thing I saw my balance dropped to 74 USDT. Over 400 is missing. Just gone (lol) like a Ghost.
I contacted Coinbase and the lady was very nice and said that 20 USDT I sent is gone because I should have used erc20 Network instead of Bep-20. I sent that 20 to the wrong Network she said.
About that 400 USDT that disappear from my assets?
I’m hoping some one can help me here. I’d appreciate it a lot.
Here is my public wallet the transaction was made from.

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Hi @sakpasayman ,

Looking at your address on , it doesn’t look like there was ever 500+ USDT deposited in this address. Do you have different address?

You at one point had around 566 HVT tokens, but you swapped those for about $94 in BSC-USD.


Hello Kbee,
Thank you for your reply.
I’m new to this and I’m learning a lot so fast .
Indeed I had 566 HVT and swapped them all for USDT.
From my MetaMask I tried to swap them for USDC to send them to my Coinbase wallet. I got an error message couldn’t process it.
I then tried sending 20 USDT as a test. Got no error this time.
Then, I noticed my usdt balance dropped to 74 usdt.
If I understand correctly the 566 HVT tokens I swapped for USDT I got about $94 in BSC-USD. Right?
If so?
What could I have done and swap it for to avoid this from happening again?
Thank you very much.

In case you want to transfer your funds to an exchange, I suggest you to check the exchange deposit section. For example, if you intend to send USDT to an exchange, first check on which network you can deposit USDT.

Since you have your assets on BSC network, one way is to swap them to BNB in your wallet and then send the BNB to an exchange and trade for USDT. Again, you need to make sure that exchange supports BNB on BSC network (BEP20).
Altogether, before transferring any tokens to an exchange, first make sure on which netwrok you can deposit your tokens and then send them from the same network in your wallet.


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Hi @sakpasayman ,

In addition to the great info @Maryam1 shared, wanted to also include -

USDC and USDT are different. You swapped your HVT tokens for about $94 Binance-Peg BSC-USD .

After this, everything @Maryam1 shared is how you’d avoid it. MetaMask Knowledge Base is a great learning resource. Here is an article that also has a link in it for ‘make sure you use the right bdiges and portals’ that you can dive into:

USDT is available on several networks so you always want to be aware of what network and token you have (including pegged).



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