Swap from BUSD to RHT with Pancake Swap - assistance

Hello, swap from BUSD to RHT with Pancake Swap. The transaction looks fine in bssscan, but my Coinbase account has no credits. I also get a message that transaction decoding is not available for chainId56
… The following is transaction ID 0xbe9355b5385578478080692cca344931cf26bbe96a006b549561914754830b70.
Someone can help me.

Hi @katsuya.okinawa.desi ,

Did you do this swap on your MetaMask wallet? You have mentioned Coinbase, can you clarify how Coinbase is involved? Thanks!

I did the swap on pancakeswap.finance that is also connecting to my MetaMask wallet.
Yes, I also mentioned Coinbase because I opened up an account with them and I sent 20USDT into that wallet account as a test just to see if I’d get it. I did not. I contacted Coinbase to ask why is the transaction I sent to my wallet was not showing? I was told I used the wrong network I should have used ERC20 instead of Pet20 and that transaction is now lost.

Coinbase does not support the Binance smart chain. If you send assets to a Coinbase address on the Binance Smart Chain, they are lost. This is unfortunately something we have no control over.


ERC20 is one of the Token standards on Ethereum. (Its the common one for fungible tokens. BEP20 is a similar version on BSC.) Im not familiar with a PET20 token.


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