Token Disappeared after Failed Transaction

I tried to transfer my tokens to a game and got a failed transaction. When I went to see my funds, it shows 0 CCAR. The error is the following: “Transaction decoding is not available for chainId 56”.

I used Smart Chain and I can’t find the solution to this error anywhere.


Hey @oademar, try importing the token into your wallet again. If that doesn’t work, try these steps on our Knowledge Base, the same steps apply for BSC:

Hello naked, thank you for your response.
I’ve downloaded the State Logs. Is it helpful if I send it here?
Also, the Transaction is shown as “Success” in BSCScan as shown below:

The Hash is the following: 0x4c7ed467d4ed115b094ab3aca65f3d00a40f2f1f6196f5305f22f373d51716bf

But on my Metamask is shown as failed:

This was the error that metamask showed as in the screenshot above: Transaction decoding is not available for chainId 56.

This was my Smart Chain Network config:

To me it doesn’t make sense to have an error on my Smart Chain Network Setup because I sent BNB from Binance to the Metamask, swapped it to CCAR and then when I tried to deposit it in the game, it showed this error.

What can I do? Was it my mistake? How can I fix this to prevent future Failed Transactions? Have I lost my tokens? Is there a way to recover them?

Thank you for the reply.

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Hello Guys i am also expereincing same issues for almost every transaction on binance smart chain

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Kindly help loosing money in a hope taht you guys have fixed it … Already written a ticket as well with all the details as well.

I wrote a ticket as well. Just got one response that didn’t help and that was it. Hoping they answer this one or I’ll have to open another post at the community.

I found a solution to my problem. I contacted CryptoCars Support and they sent me the tokens that were missing. I recommend you talk to your game support. Beware of scammers, 3 people tried to scam me. I recommend you contact Binance support as well to see who helps first.


It looks like the transaction was successful and CCAR was sent to another address. For the issue with MetaMask showing it as a failed transaction, try using a different RPC URL

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