Cold Storage NFC Card

Do you want to have a cold storage NFC card integrated with your wallet? Why we need:

:white_check_mark: hackers can’t stolen your crypto without the physical card

:white_check_mark: private keys will be stored encrypted on the card

:white_check_mark: if you lose your smartphone, no problem, just install wallet again and use NFC card to restore your funds

:white_check_mark: if you lose the card, just need to use your seed phrase that you wrote on the paper to restore your wallet and send crypto

:white_check_mark: The card is resistant to water, cold, fire, bugs, rust and shock waves.

:white_check_mark: data retention for 50 years.

:white_check_mark: cold storage offline, keep away from hackers

:white_check_mark: open source easily integrated with your wallet

:white_check_mark: chip certification level CC EAL4, ISO/IEC 14443-A and ISO/IEC 7816-4

:white_check_mark: no cables and no battery

:heart: Do you like it? Ask your wallet provider to integrate with CryptoPlatz Vault white label solution

Increase security


Metamask Cold Wallet (1)

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