Commas in both directions of numbers... and coin location movemnt!

It would be much, much easier to use the metamask if there were commas placed every three decimal places in both directions of the decimal point. The math world should consider doing this for small numbers. This means the commas to the right of the decimal place go the “other way” like bookens. It would be MUCH easier to conceptualize the value and relative value of these numbers in such a manner.

Also, it would be great if you could manually change the location of each coin to move up or down. Some people have a lot of coins and I would like to be able to see the ones that I already have on top but still see the new ones with no balance at the bottom, or even vice versa.

Also, if you put the “add custom tokens” at the TOP of the page you would have to scroll down a long list of coins every time just to add them. It would have been much more efficient. You should hire me. I jut made your wallet much, much, better. :slight_smile: