Token List Improvements: Comma for large numbers, manual token order adjust

These are both Quality-of-Use improvements for the token list.

1- Have an option to display token balances with a comma (or period) every 3 decimal places, which is STANDARD across the world for balance over 1,000.

2- Allow manual order adjustment of tokens (up or down) for the token list, or at least some “sort” features that will rearrange the list automatically.

Adding a seperator to large numbers makes it much easier to read balances, especially when numbers are very large (meme coins etc)
532146290402 (current MetaMask default)
532,146,290,402 (proposed comma option)

Manual arranging of the wallet token list would enable users to display the tokens they want higher or lower on the list, making use of MetaMask that much more user friendly and appealing. The default list now simply puts the newest token added at the bottom of the list, whereby one must scroll to find it.

If manual rearranging is not feasible, options to sort the token list by things like ‘Token Amount’, ‘Value’, or alphabetically etc would be helpful.