Core token deducted but no airdrop

Hi my core has been taken in the process of registering my wallet is showing not connected and I can’t claim the core airdrop what can I do please help!!!

Hi @Cryptowinna

Welcome to MetaMask community.

Please consult with core dao community first to ensure this is legit. Here is their official twitter where you find their website link twitter. com/Coredao_Org (@ Coredao_Org ) In the website, you can find their discord, telegram, and other official links.

Addtionally, if its legit from core doa, you can try following methods for wallet connection:

  1. Clear browser cache/cookies
  2. Remove core network from wallet and add back
  3. Try to check with different browser to rule out any browser specific issue
  4. Also, check this medium article

As mentioned above, please first consult with core dao community to ensure you are connecting your wallet to legit website. Never share your Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP) or private key to anyone including our agent. Our agent will never DM you first.


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