Help with CoreDAO - FAQ

Why is my balance showing on the explorer but not on my wallet?

Please confirm that the funds are showing in the explorer and that you are on the correct MetaMask wallet address.

If the issue still continues, please reach out to the CoreDAO team and inform them about this malfunction in their scanner, as you can clearly see the funds were deposited, although they’re not being reflected.

I transferred tokens from dapps but it does not show in my MetaMask wallet?

As long as the funds are not deposited by the source (Satoshi App) MetaMask won’t reflect them, this is not a MetaMask related issue, but it has to do with the Satoshi App itself.

Please refer to the Satoshi App platform where you made the withdrawal or to the CoreDAO team.

Please keep in mind that the first batch of airdropped tokens started on February 8th.

I cannot withdraw my Core tokens?

Please check your wallet address to verify you have the funds.

If it’s an issue related to any pending transaction, check on the blockchain, if the transaction shows Pending, please either wait or cancel it.

If it’s an issue related to connectivity, do basic troubleshooting, clear cookies and cache, reset your account, reinstall (DON’T FORGET TO SAVE YOUR SRP).

If it’s an issue on another dapp’s end, please refer to their team.

This blockchain may also be currently frozen due to the huge amount of traffic they are currently dealing with, any withdrawal from any dapp to MetaMask might be currently affected by this.

I transferred tokens to an unsupported network?

Due to the immutable nature of the blockchain, it is impossible to revert any successful transactions, these funds are now on an unsupported network, and the way to reverse this transaction would be to have access to this wallet in a system that supports this network/tokens.

How do I add a network?

Try to add the network directly from Coredao explorer:

Alternatively, to add it manually these are the details:

Network name: CORE
Network URL:
Chain ID: 1116
Currency symbol: CORE
Block explorer URL:

MetaMask has issues loading data when connected to CORE?

If the account doesn’t load, please go to your phone settings, apps, select your MetaMask app and then delete cache.

Please also check your internet connection or try on another device.


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