Cronos / Avalanche missing tokens

Hi everyone!

Simple problem with hopefully a simple answer.

I swapped a token called $CRN which is on the CRONOS network using an app called CRONASWAP.

The token I swapped the $CRN for was $AVAX - well I THOUGHT it was AvaxC-Chain, but it turns out it wasn’t.

So after swapping the tokens, I sent them to my TRUST WALLET and waited…and waited and waited. The transaction was successful, but the Avax tokens never arrived.

I have all TXhash available and I have also used the app called DeBank which clearly shows the Avax token in my wallet. The issue is I can’t see the tokens in my wallet.

The issue seems to be that Trustwallet has no CRONOS support, so therefore the token does not show up (well that’s my assumption).

I’d appreciate any help.

Hi probably your AVAX tokens are on cronos Network. Add the following contract address by clicking on custom add token and you will see your tokens there.


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Thanks for your reply.

I pasted that into my TrustWallet and it won’t display the tokens.

It seems TrustWallet has no support for Cronos Network tokens (unless someone has a work-around?)

It’s odd because the Debank app can clearly see the tokens are there, but I have no way of adding the tokens to my wallet because Cronos isn’t on Trustwallet.

Would you like to share the wallet address? So I can have a look?


Yes I can see your avax tokens on CRN chain. Let me do a quick research which wallet will support it then I will tell you.

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Where were you holding your coins before? Before swap i mean ? Where did you have CRN coins?

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Thanks for you reply.

I was holding the $CRN tokens in my Metamask wallet (Cronos mainnet) originally.

Now I have just used an app called Rabby .io and connected my Trustwallet to it.

It seems that I can see the tokens on many Dapps, however I cant seem to do much at all…

Hi I just checked, and Yes you are right you have ti use metamask wallet again and once you are on CRN network then add the custom token AVAX there. Once it is done you can swap back your avax tokens to CrN or send them to a supported exchange.


Would you happen to know the address for the custom AVAX token?

I’m not sure if it will work…

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Hi I think by custom you mean contract address
Go to add token in metamask make sure you are in CRN/Cronos Network add custom token

Paste the following address as contract address


Decimals “18”

Symbol “AVAX”
And that’s it.


Thanks so much.

Sorry for the delayed reply.

I’ll do that and see what happens. Worst case, i’ll see if the app Rabby can help me somehow :slight_smile:

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Hello, I am having a similar issue. I tried sending Avax from my Metamask wallet under the Cronos Network to my Avalanche Wallet and it never made it. Can anyone help me with this?

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I contacted Trustwallet, but I dont have much hope to be honest.

Shall keep you posted.

Ps do you have twitter?

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