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I have DAI on PALM network (selling NIFTYS NFTs), and these are in my Metamask wallet. I tried to send the $600 in DAI to my Ethereum Mainnet wallet on Metamask. These are my 2 wallets. I realize now that I probably needed to use some sort of bridge tool and pay a fee. But the system allowed me to submit moving my funds across my Metamask wallets. But that’s where my luck ended. I sent the DAI to E.M. on January 3. It was pending for 3 weeks, so I hit cancel on 1/22. The cancel has now been pending for 5 days. My cancel is just in limbo and I am at an ignorant loss. I get Transaction decoding is not available for chainId XXXXXXXXX (with ID numbers there)
I am told I could speed this up, but I don’t want to spend money and then still be in limbo. I am not sure what to do. Again, I know I probably was stupid to think I could send DAI to my Ethereum Mainnet wallet in my same Metamask account. I am dumb and ignorant and all of that. But I’d love to get back to being stuck with 603 DAI and now knowing I need to use a bridge of some sort, and pursuing that.

Hey @jayhawk, to move your DAI from Palm to Ethereum, you are correct in that you would need to use a bridge. Here is more information:

In regards to your pending transaction, here is more information on our Knowledge Base about what you can do:


Thanks. I believe I would be doing the reverse from Palm to Ethereum Mainnet but I can use the Palm bridge talked about in that article in reverse, I believe.

I will now look into speeding up the cancellation of a pending transaction. Thanks for including that help file. I don’t need this money soon, but if it’s going to take more than a month then I’ll want to speed it up.

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