Dapp cannot connect to wallet

After I upgraded MetaMask to version 7.1.0, many dapp e.g. Opensea, ReadOn, cannot connect to MetaMask. When I click “Connect wallet” button in those dapp, MetaMask will be launched, but won’t show connect dialog.

Hi @herculeshhp and welcome to MetaMask community,

One thing you can try is go to MetaMask Settings → Security and privacy and from there:

  • clear privacy data
  • clear browser history
  • clear browser cookies
    And then try to connect again to the dapps from the browser inside MetaMask, hopefully it will work.
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Thank you for your response. But your advice doesn’t work. Those dapp are Android App.

Of course, you are welcome. So you are trying to connect to the MetaMask app from a different mobile app?
Please follow this article on how to connect to dapps, using the MetaMask wallet (make sure to check the steps for mobile). This is normally done from the browser inside MetaMask.


Yes, I am trying to connect to MetaMask from another mobile App like ReadOn. Before upgrade to version 7.1.0 it worked fine. That is after I click connect wallet button in any Dapp, MetaMask app is brought to front. And a dialog showing some info appears. There are two buttons on the bottom “Cancel” and “Connect”. I can click “Connect” to connect the Dapp with MetaMask. However in v7.1.0 that dialog doesn’t show anymore.

The dialog is like this one