Dax Chain Possible Scam

I can’t wait a week for a reply from support and searched quickly for this but saw nothing. I was in a hurry and added a custom blockchain called DAXchain and have a bad feeling its not legit.

How in the Gods name do I get it out of MetaMask and if it is malicious can it effect the other networks or only its own? This is sort of urgent because it’s already added and I see no way to remove it and I have no idea what or can do.

Support time is stupid long and why I really stopped using MetaMask until recently and now I have been using it a good amount. Please of someone knows of this Chain or knows how to remove it please quickly help.

I emailed them but it said 5 days to reply… I don’t have whatapp because I don’t install 3rd party apps on my devices… I guess I will have to go get a new device just for 3rd party apps.

I appreciate the information. Did they resolve your issue? I’m just not sure if having that blockchain added grants them access to my other chains data. It technically shouldn’t because it would make for an easy exploit and single point of failure but who knows anymore.

Thanks again…

Hi @Z3R0 MetaMask :fox_face: support has 1000 messages per day.
Don’t contact that guy with Whatsapp :slightly_smiling_face: he is a scammer.

Switch on Ethereum Mainnet and click DAXchain :point_right: X

delete network

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Thanks, I figured the whatsapp number was a scammer because I looked for it on MetaMasks site. Not too many businesses use whatsapp that I have seen. People are really getting stupid with this crap. It’s one reason I don’t keep 3rd party apps on my devices. Especially any that have anything to do with crypto or my PGP keys.

I don’t know how I missed that X, I looked all over for the delete option and must’ve just overlooked the X as it only appears when you make you select an option. They should keep the X there all the time or at least add that to their documentation on custom chains.

Although to be fair, it is kind of obvious and I just was frustrated with it by that point and mad at myself for adding it because I knew better. It still might turn out legit but wasn’t worth the possible risk.

Thanks for your time and assistance. It was greatly appreciated and saved me further headaches. Have a wonderful day.

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Have a wonderful day :sunglasses: @Z3R0
Have A Nice Day

Hello please I’m having some issues also please can you help