Despair, my money froze, I can't exchange my money for gas

Good morning I have a serious problem, I have sent eth to my smart chain network, but I was surprised that I cannot do anything, I cannot move that money, I have been desperate finding out many hours and in the end I discovered it It is due to the lack of gasoline , obviously. I don’t have bnb (gas) now, what can I do? The worst thing is that I can’t find a way to change my money (eth) within the same smart chain network to bnb, if there is an opportunity to change bnb within the same metamask network then my eth money will be frozen for life in metamask bsc. can someone help me please, i’m desperate

You can buy a small ammount of bnb. Do you have a binance account?

Gas fees are small in BSC network, less than 1 dollar, but you need to have BNB to work with the BSC network.

Why did you send through BSC if you didn’t have BNB?

I already solved the problem by reloading bnb, a moderator to close the topic