Did not receive Matic tokens

Sent Matic token from Ledger to Matic wallet v2 and it is 48 hours later no Matic. Can some one please advise what I need to do. Thanks

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Matic Wallet v2 only supports polygon transactions and I’m assuming you didn’t bridge the MATIC tokens to polygon network. If you are logged in with your metamask, bridge those MATIC to polygon via the “move funds to polygon” button and your MATIC tokens should appear shortly after.


OMG !!! My anxiety have come to a stop. Thank you so much for your reply. Do you have videos you can direct me to how your plat form works?

Thank you @DeFi for your help.
@Tothemoon Metamask doesn’t have the bridge built-in.
I hope this article would be useful for you.

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hi DeFi, im having the same problem here… coz im new to these kind of things… can you help me to get through what to do here first?



hi Isq, im having the same problem… but the link you post cant be openned… can help with this issue??