Did not receive peg-shiba on bsc metamask

My previous topic was closed due to misunderstanding, KuCoin has sent the PEG-SHIBA to my BSC Metamask Address, I did add the PEG-SHIBA token to my BSC Metamask address but I cannot see the PEG-SHIBA that was transferred into my BSC Metamask.

This is my Metamask ticket number [505063] I have sent it 4 days ago and I did not get any reply till now.

I repeat, KuCoin sent it successfully from their side and they have provided me with the TxID that shows my Metamask BSC Address (The contract address showing in the TxID already added into my BSC Metamask wallet) but I didn’t receive… Please help!

I can provide the TxID provided by KuCoin if it is required.

Apologies for the misunderstanding, I had thought you sent a support ticket to KuCoin!

Please refer to this article in our Knowledge Base, the same steps apply for BSC:

Thank you for also submitting a ticket to our support team, they will be with you as soon as they can.

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They replied to my ticket with an automated message on doing the steps that I have already done million times, I doubt they even read my ticket.

It is very clear on the TxID mentioned in the email, funds transferred from KuCoin to Metamask (Just a reversal transaction) I’m not sure why it is not showing in my Metamask, any thoughts on why it is not showing? I reset my Metamask and logged in again on another browser, but all the same.

Please help =(

Would you be able to provide the TxID for the transaction?

Please also keep in mind that transactions on the blockchain cannot be reversed.