Didn't get GNY-Token on Coinbase


I think I’ve mad a big mistake.
My goal was to buy GNY-Token for BNB-Token on Pancake-Swap and send it to my Coinbase-Wallet.
I added a new network in MetaMask: (read this on the binance academy)

Network-Name: Smart Chain
New RPC-URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org
Chain-ID: 56
Currency Symbol (optional): BNB
Block-Explorer-URL (optional): https://bscscan.com

I bought BNB on Binance and transfered it to my MetaMask-Account and found the BNB in my “Smart Chain”-Network.

Then i went to “www . gny . io/tokens” and there it says:

go to “Pancakeswap” and “Select a token by pasting the GNY token address: "0xe4A4Ad6E0B773f47D28f548742a23eFD73798332”

i connected my MetaMask-Wallet with PancakeSwap.
I clicked on “from” BNB.
and to “select a currency” and i pasted the token-id above and i got the token “GNY”.
and i bought it.
I had to add a “custom-token” with this 0xe4A4Ad6E0B773f47D28f548742a23eFD73798332 adress and got my coins.

Then i went in to my coinbase wallet and clicked on “receive”, clicked on “GNY” and copied the GNY-adress and sent the gny-tokens to this adress.
But i didn’t get any. is this not compatible?
That was a lot of money for me, is the cryptocurrency journey over? :confused:

Hi there @nftai
Sorry, you have to experience that, it does seem Coinbase is not supporting this token.

But they are working on something to help you recover it in the future.