Didnt recieve my $TEL on KuCoin


Im waiting more than 24hours at this moment and still didnt recieve my $TEL.

The transaction Details is success… I dont see it anymore in my MetaMask and not in KuCoin… where can I see the status!?

Please help…

Hi @CryptoNL14 and you added a TEL token to the MetaMask :fox_face: wallet?

Open :point_down: and click on fox :fox_face:

Yes… using it since couple of weeks… also staked some TEL via QuickSwap and TelX etc… everything worked…

Dont know if it helps to give you my; Transaction Hash ?

You tried log out out of metamask and log back?
Page https://etherscan.io/ displays the correct amount?

Maybe try this :point_down:


BUT first securely save and store your seed phrase and any private keys you have imported to your MetaMask wallet, then please try resetting your account by going to Settings - Advanced - Reset Account.

Still didnt work… also trying to contact KuCoin but didnt work atm…

I’m running out of tricks here hehe :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: and https://etherscan.io/
displays the right amount TEL tokens?

Well… I see now… I used the wrong network I gues… used the MATIC… dont know what to do now…

You need to add a Matic network + TEL token :point_down:

Token Contract Address: 0xdf7837de1f2fa4631d716cf2502f8b230f1dcc32

I have that…

Can I post here my polycon transaction hash? Dont know if thats allowed? Maybe you see something that is wrong?

YES you can send transaction hash :slightly_smiling_face:

This transaction is OK :slightly_smiling_face: but I only see one transaction at this address.

Yes. From my Metamask to my TEL KuCoin Adress.

Kucoin supports only ERC-20 Telcoin (TEL) tokens :point_down:

You need to contact Kucoin support

Thanks! Direct contact with KuCoin now :slight_smile: