Disable/delete MetaMask seed phrase on PC


Unfortunately, yesterday my MetaMask seed phrase got stolen from my PC due to a virus. I’ve lost 2 ETH because of this, and it was because the seed phrase is stored on the PC, something which I didn’t know.

I was wondering if I could use MetaMask on my PC, but deleting or disabling the seed phrase on the PC, so that it is only stored on paper at home.

I would greatly appreciate your help, so this doesn’t happen to me again.

Thank you,

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You can get a Ledger Nano which is a USB hardware wallet. You connect it to your computer each time you want to do a transfer in your Metamask. Try to google it, there are many videos on how to set it up.

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Yes, thank you for your professional answer. Many people have encountered such problems

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Thanks, I know about cold wallets, as Ledger. But using a hot wallet as MetaMask alone is easier for me, that’s why I wanted to use MetaMask, but without storing the seed phrase on the PC. I think this is a feature that many users would appreciate. Is there any chance of using MetaMask without storing the seed phrase on the PC ? I only want to store on a paper.

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Hi @DavidAG , if you are storing a small amount of funds in your wallet then it is good to use hot wallet such as Metamask wallet but it is advisable to use a hardware wallet such as Ledger Nano for a large amount. However you can protect your computer from getting hacked by take some precautions and steps. You can search on this forum my post about how to keep your gadgets secure online as well as search on google also about avoid from getting hacked. The feature you are asking for now is not possible for a hot wallet, as if you will not have a seed phrase how will you access to your wallet in future?


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