Does Metamask provide an EXAMPLE seed phrase?

can anyone tell me, do metamask give you an example seed phrase (somewhere along the sign up/register/install extension) processes? I have a photo of a seed phrase which is greyed out, in the box asking for my seed phrase, typically, as an example to show the user what the phrase should appear like 12 words etc.

This is different to my actual phrase, however, I made a big error by using this greyed out example phrase to link to my wallet and account. ultimately, I’ve lost money, as I confused it with a photo of my actual phrase.

my question is, who owns this if its being given by metamask as an example to show what your phrase appears like and how you should input it.

This is obviously a very public phrase if its given as an example, me, stupidly by mistake used it as I haven’t referred to my phrase for a while. surely metamask wouldnt actually have this be a working phrase to any account they unaware of? whoever has access if not multiple people, my balance was sent to different addresses straight away.

I know this is my error, im confused where the phrase is from if they dont provide an example, it looks like the register page or adding the extension to google page when linking your wallet the first time.

if the money is gone i’ll live with it, but it gives me some hope it could be recovered?