My Metamask seed phrases on Ethereum

I just create a wallet with Metamask.

  1. I have only 12 words and not 24, is it normal ?
  2. I try using my seed phrases directly on Ethereum, but I don’t understand why when connected, on Ethereum, a long list of public address is proposed and not only the same address as in Metamask ?
    I don’t understand these address in addition ???
    Thanks for help in advance

It is normal :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: SEED can have 12 words or 24 or 15…
and SEED generate many ETH, BTC, LTC… address

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Thanks for your reponse. But it’s difficult for me to understand. When I create a wallet on MyEtherWallet app android, I have one wallet. When I create a Metamask wallet, I have one wallet. But in both case, when I use the seed directly on ethereum, after connect with seed, ethereum proposes me to choose one address in a list. It’s confusing to have a list and not only one address, my address. In this sens I need to remain my address in this case. In addition of seed, I need to keepe safe the address number. Whose are the other address of this list !!!

SEED generates many ETH addresses 100 - 200…
The important address is first ETH address… ETH addres which you use.

You can also save ETH private key:

Thanks Bobby, the addresses 100 - 200 … in addition, why are they generated ? I don’t need them !
In which situation I could need to use them ? All these addresses are mine ?