Don't recieve Eth token from that has sent from metamask wallet layer2 ZKsync network to kucoin exchange

4 days ago, I sent some Ethereum from the Ethereum second layer network to the Ethereum Kocoin address under the Ethereum network, and it has been verified, but it has not yet been transferred. Is this my mistake and it is not possible to transfer from the second layer directly to the exchange?
What is the solution now?

When we transfer funds to the exchange, we need to ensure that the exchange supports the eth of this chain.

If your transfer is successful on the explorer, you can contact the exchange. If they don’t support the chain for a while, you still have chance to get your ETH back when they do.


Hello @user1294 !

zkSync currently has 2 mainnet networks: zkSync Era and zkSync Lite.
It is important to know which network you used for the transfer and which network the exchange supports


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