My Transaction Stucked

Hey, i sent my Ethereum to Bitget Mainnet. But i was sent it to wrong chain. I was on Zksync Era but i sent it to Ethereum Mainnet. My transaction is stucked, please help me.

My MetaMask Eth Adress:

Transaction ID: 0x7599139dc92d7c74cb10c84309198ed18f8d5a87780bf8759e9033b629d4fa42

Tx Hash:

Hello @helpmeyou !
Welcome to MetaMask community!

As you can see from the explorer, ETH was successfully transferred to another address:

Have you chosen an address to deposit on the exchange for the Ethereum network?
Does this exchange accept deposits on the Era network?


No, they are not accepting Era Network and i forgot that. I choosed Ethereum Mainnet but send it from Zksync Era and my Ethereum didn’t received.

Networks need to always coincide from both sending and receiving point of views. This is an issue only that respective exchange can help you with. Nothing can be done about it on MetaMask side. It’s very likely that you lost that ETH, due to them not having support for zkera network. Your hope is for them to add it at some point on their exchange.


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