Mistakenly withdraw ETH to Zksync Lite Instead of Zksync Era

I withdraw My ETH form MEXC exchnage by network( Zksync Lite)
I thought Zksync Lite is the same Zksync Era.
then i send my ETH mistakenly to Zksync Lite.
Can i Cancel my transaction???

my Wallet Address: 0xfD0Bb67d034b223463016Cd6b9a1B23D227dFa08

Please help me

hi @mrmha69 . If your funds have been transferred out, it cannot be reversed. but you can transfer it back to the exchange and then withdraw it to era.

specific method:
1, Open https:// lite. zksync. io
2, Switch your wallet to Ethereum, then connect to this website and you will see the balance.
3, Click eth, click transfer, and enter your exchange address and amount. Make sure the exchange you use supports eth of lite.
To see if it works, you can first transfer a small amount as a test.


I Send 0.00251776 ETH to Wallet but i recieve 0.00032776 ETH in my wallet.

Fee : ETH 0.0001193

5 hours ago, you did receive 0.0025 eth.
2 hours ago it cost 0.00219, I don’t know what this behavior is yet.

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Please Help me.
Where should i say my issue???

Please submit a ticket to our support team at
https://support.metamask.io/ and click Start a Conversation

A live chat box window will then automatically appear on your screen where you may contact the support team.


this is not even on MetaMask side? reaching out for zksync or mexc would still be more proper (and you solution is use their bridge)