Dropped and Replaced transaction

Hi, I need help. My transaction was dropped and replaced. I already made a lot of transactions back then but now this is my first time facing this kind of problem. Plss help…

For clarification…
As I transfer SLP(smooth love potion) from ronin to metamask, It was smooth through ronin bridge then after that I only need to wait my transaction to be finished in metamask. Unfortunately, I waited countless hours for the pending transaction to be finished but later that time As i checked metamask, the pending was stop and as I also checked Ethercan, I was shocked that my transaction got dropped or replaced.

I don’t know what to do. How can I recover or bring back my tokens(SLP) ???
Please, I begging for your assistance for those who had an idea please help me

• This is my transaction ID:


• My metamask public address: