Duplicate accounts

Can you help me please.
i have created an account. however accidentally i remove metamask from chrome. after install again i didn’t know my Secret Recovery Phrase and create a knew acount.
hours later i found my Secret Recovery Phrase of my first acount.
i try to import account but the system gives me a error that i’m trying do import a duplicate account in both accounts that i created.
however the tokens that i bought are not in account 1 neither in the account that i create after.
how can i have my tokens back?
Thank you

Welcome to the community @clarusha!

In order to import your first wallet, you’ll need to first uninstall the extension, re-install it, and enter the Secret Recovery Phrase for that wallet (not the new/second wallet).

i have already done that. no sucess

You will need to also add any custom RPC networks and custom tokens that you had in your wallet previously for your balance to appear. You can search for your public address on a block explorer to view your balances to be reminded of which ones to add.