The account you're are trying to import is a duplicate

Please Help me!! i will lost much money!


same problem here :frowning: have you already solve this problem?

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me too, same problem. can anyone here help us?

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Same problem. Using Kiwi Browser does not sync to google chrome.

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Same problem Have somebody get the solution ??

Estou com o mesmo problema

Nenhum moderador pra verificar o problema ?

Hi!! Have someone solved the problem?? I have lost all tokens…

This is someone else’s solution, please check it

Hi ! What happened is: I created an account few months ago where I had some tokens . IMPORTANT: i DID NOT CREATE ANY SEED PHRASE FOR THAT ACCOUNT WHILE CREATING THE WALLET ON THE FIRST INSTANCE, THE SYSTEM ONLY ASKED ME FOR PWD. One week ago, I download the metamask extension with another computer and tried to log into this account. In that moment, meta asked me for a seed phrase which I entered ( I created basically another wallet and my tokens were not there… I had some GMX.

After seeking the solution, I did the procedure with the vault decryptor with this querie in ordert to fins my seed phrase, but is not usefull for me:‘data’, result => {
var vault =

if I am logged in the wrong account, the seed phrase consists on a realy long list of numbers, which is not usefull at all as the seed phrase consists on worrds. And, if I am not looged into any account the moment I decrypt the data on the vault decryptor, an error comes up…

I desesperatelly need to find the seed phrase. Hoping we could get into the first account using the public key stored on the blockchain… Could someone please help me? I am desesperate!

Hi! :wave: Do you still have the old computer ?

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