Erased Metamask APP on Iphone and lost everything HELP!

Hi Everyone,

I am in desperate need of HELP. I Erased the wallet from my iPhone and got this message “Are you sure you want to erase your wallet?” as I could not log in and thought it would be safe as I have my 12 words recovery phrases. so I did it!! Ahhh

When I logged back and put in the 12 magic words all my tokens are gone. I do not have a Private Key and when the wallet was restored the public key is not the same as my old one and am totally lost.

If any of you have any suggestions I would be eternally grateful.


Okay calm but sorry to say I believe you were badly scammed and the message was a hawk. To be sure check your wallet transactions on the explorer and see where your money was sent… If you aren’t the owner of that address … Your funds are lost forever.
Delete app and restart a brand new wallet and new seed phrase. Good luck. Ciao

The above reply dont make sense and it does not help with the issue of the OP. Im facing same problem. All the support and reply around here its not gonna help us. After i recovered my MM using seed phrase, i went to different wallet not my old one so my ETH was gone. I can still see it in Etherscan

First of all this is a community blog and I am a buddy who is trying to help and is guessing answer based on the few and confused info available… If you want more detailed info write to support.
Anyway I am happy to be wrong!! Good for you buddy
If you want look for the thousands who have your same problem… there is one of them