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Please MetaMask I have being facing this issue for some days now, I can’t send out eth or swap eth on my wallet and I keep receiving this message ( [ethjs-query] while formatting outputs from RPC ‘{“value”: {“code”:-32000, “massage”:“replacement transaction underpriced”}}’ )
… please I need your help in fixing it or is it that my wallet has already been compromise, if yes, please help me get my wallet back I can’t withstand to loose all my effort to one scammer please help me.
Meanwhile I think this whole started one day mint one NFT and I used low volume spillage.
This is my public wallet address. 0xB631FbE749C65d865d3CE5D948FF388c70210A8d

hi, read the content of these posts to see if it helps


Hi @Democ1,
I checked your account on the Etherscan and you have 2 pending transactions on the Ethereum network, with the nonces equal to 6 and 7. Seems like you issued the last transaction (nonce=7) to transfer 0 ETH to possibly substitute the pending one, but you have not used the same nonce as the pending transaction. Now, you have two pending transactions.
You need to cancel the transaction with nonce=6 first.
The following posts can help you.
Please read " Canceling a transaction - Method 2: Custom nonce" carefully.

  1. You need to issue a substitute transaction with nonce 6.
  2. Send 0 ETH to your account.
  3. The gas parameters should be high enough for the transaction to go through. You can get an idea about the gas parameters at the time of your transaction from Ethersacan gastracher.

Read the following post as well.


Please on this canceling of this pending transaction or adding of substitute on once 6 how can I go about it, please if a video guide can help it will go a long way .
Please help me out


I have checked the Etherscan now and you did it correctly this time and both transactions with the nouces 6 and 7 have been cancelled. You currently do not have any pending transactions on the Etherscan.
Please let us know in case you need further assistance.


The attached image shows the executed replaced transactions with Nonces equal to 6 and 7 and that currently you do not have any pending transactions on the Etherscan.


Ok thanks I really appreciate sir


You’re welcome and thanks for letting us know.


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