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Hi, I am building a site that interacts with the blockchain and I’ve got a requirement to support all (read old) browsers and phones, etc., hence I am transpiling the code to ES5, which unfortunately brings some difficulties in the development flow and is a nono from me. Anyway, I was thinking, since we need to interact with the Metamask browser extension and the whole web3 and crypto is kinda heading forward, does it even make sense to try to support old browsers?

So my question is:

What is the lowest chrome version / ES standard that Metamask supports?

It wouldn’t make sense to try to support anything lower than that.

Thank you.

Anyone got any ideas?

Hey @QwertyQQ7, to answer your first question, there can be issues that appear with MetaMask and old versions of browsers. Encouraging your users to have the most updated versions of their browsers would be good practice.

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Instead of focusing on older browser version it is better to suggest you audience/users to update their browser. If they are going to use something advance like web3 they must know the importance of keeping their software updated.
But if you still want to support old browsers it won’t be difficult either. You can track down by time.
For example just check the dates when meta mask was launch and match that with the version date of browser.


Dang, this is good point!

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Glad it helped you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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