Eth to Eth via BnB

Hi all,
I need some help please
I had eth in my BnB smart chain wallet, and I wanted to change it over to Eth using sideshift
I sent over the transaction, and the Eth went out of my account
But I didn’t get any Eth back,
I contacted sideshift support and they said it was because I sent it through BnB network,
Is there a way that I can get this back


Hello @Steve-23 !
Welcome to MetaMask community !

I don’t see WETH input options on this site in the BEP20 network:

You should probably write to Sideshift support, MetaMask is a wallet to store your assets.


Sorry, not Weth
But Eth in bnb smart chain

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I’m sorry that you lost your eth, technical support answered everything, the MetaMask wallet has nothing to do with it.


That was a reply from sideswap,
It was an error on my behalf not MetaMask
I was asking if I could get it back somehow


that’s a fantastic news

Why is that fantastic news?
I thought you could send Eth on bsc to Eth on Ether network?

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