Firefox Extension no more working!

Hello I have connection errors with the extension on Firefox for a few days. There is no longer a connection anywhere. Instead of the password prompt, an error appears:

“When starting MetaMask extension a problem encountered. This could be a temporary problem. So try restarting the extension.
Restart MetaMask
Are you still getting this message? Send us a bug report.”

But there is nothing in the report!
I haven’t installed any new extensions.
So far it has been running smoothly with the following:
-Revoke cash
-Pocket universe
MetaMask Extension Version is: 10.26.2
Firefox Version 111.0.1
I have importet wallets so i cannot do a quick reinstall yet!
I delete now Phantom extension, and clear chache, but nothing changes

What can it be?
please help

(google translation)


@SnowCrashHiro -

So our team can track this issue and gather more info, would you please open a support ticket?

To do this go to , choose the Start a Conversation button. Answer a few chatbot questions and you will get connected to live support.


Live Conversational Support downtime due to scheduled maintenance !


It’s not happening yet. The message shares it starts April 2, 2023, beginning at 2:00AM EDT.

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Button dont works since hours


you think i have to reinstall ?

@SnowCrashHiro can you try to connect with support again? If the Start a Conversation button doesn’t show on your Firefox browser, try using Chrome or another browser to chat with support. You may need to disable ad-blockers for Start a Conversation to appear.

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OK. it works with chrome. But now I have to talk to a stupid bot. Are you serious, do you want to help me like that? Is a stupid Bot the community here? sorry bro.

No, the bot tries to help you but if you click through a handful of answers, you will get you connected to live support. Just let it know it’s not helping (if it’s not helping).

We try to answer questions here on community, but I think your issue is best routed to support so they can gather some information and determine if it’s a broader bug. If it is too much of an issue for you to go through the bot let us know, and we’ll pass along your issue to the team and post back here.



I’ve tried some of the questions but no one helps, every tipp is far away from my issue. Can you help please.

Did you get in touch with a Support team member? Or are you referring that you didn’t manage to get past the bot? If so, please insist on past the bot and you should get connected to someone that will help you with your issue, as mentioned above by KBee.

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i think i have same promble by using firefox extansion.

I have been using the MetaMask crypto wallet extension on Firefox browser. Sometimes when I click the MetaMask extension, it does not pop up automatically as it works on Chrome, instead, a QR code appears for manual login.
The issue does not seem to be caused by Firefox settings. I have checked options related to website data, permissions and tracking prevention, but could not find relevant options for crypto wallets or MetaMask. The problem also exists in Firefox’s private mode.
The compatibility between MetaMask extension and Firefox browser itself may be the main cause of the problem. As MetaMask works normally in Chrome, I suspect there is some technical compatibility problem that affects how MetaMask interacts with Firefox.
I have the latest versions of both Firefox browser and MetaMask extension installed. But the issue has persisted for some websites. When connecting to some websites (example: , I am unable to bring up the MetaMask popup but asked to scan a QR code or install MetaMask instead, even though I already have it installed. This does not happen all the time but for some individual websites.
I wonder if you have encountered any similar problems reported by other users, or if there are any solutions to fix this compatibility issue.
Any help or advice on this matter would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support!

It would be best if you contact Support team at and click Start a Conversation


Once you click Start a conversation a live chat bot will appear on your screen. It will give you an automated response at first, but afterwards you should be able to contact the support team directly.

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just can’t signin so there’s no “start a conversation” button there.
i don’t know why. (firefox 112.0.1)

hi @user1401 , refresh the page and wait a while, it should appear.
Or you can switch to another browser to contact the team :blush:


thank you for your reply, already contacted with the team agent.


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