'firefox' can't popup metamask on some sites

I have been using the MetaMask crypto wallet extension on Firefox browser (version 112.0.1 ). Sometimes when I click the MetaMask extension, it does not pop up automatically as it works on Chrome, instead, a QR code appears for manual login.
The issue does not seem to be caused by Firefox settings. I have checked options related to website data, permissions and tracking prevention, but could not find relevant options for crypto wallets or MetaMask. The problem also exists in Firefox’s private mode.
The compatibility between MetaMask extension and Firefox browser itself may be the main cause of the problem. As MetaMask works normally in Chrome, I suspect there is some technical compatibility problem that affects how MetaMask interacts with Firefox.
I have the latest versions of both Firefox browser and MetaMask extension installed. But the issue has persisted for some websites. When connecting to some websites, I am unable to bring up the MetaMask popup but asked to scan a QR code or install MetaMask instead, even though I already have it installed. This does not happen all the time but for some individual websites.
I wonder if you have encountered any similar problems reported by other users, or if there are any solutions to fix this compatibility issue.
Any help or advice on this matter would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support!

Edited out the website posted for the safety of others as we do not allow projects to be shared.

So our support team can look further into this, can you please reach out to support.metamask.io > choose Start a Conversation > answer a few questions from the chatbot and you will be connected to live support.


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hey i dont know how post here , can anyone help me please .

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