It has been 2 months - MM still not working on firefox

Friendly reminder that firefox user can still not access their mm,

2 months and still no support,

Are you going to do something about this ?

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hey , The team released a new version of Firefox today and hope it solves your problem.
Check whether it is the latest v11.0.0 in Firefox’s extension management interface.


Hey tuya,

I have the latest mm (v11) with the latest firefox (v117.0.1) but it still does not work.

Can you let know, what is not working on firefox? Are you unable to open MetaMask itself on firefox?

I installed MetaMask on firefox and created a burner wallet. I did couple of transactions on goreli testnet network in hop exchange and jumper exchange and its working fine.

I have firefox version 117.0.1 (64-bit) and MetaMask version 11.0.0

Wallet address: 0x8Ce24E38B50130eB10F6726216b39d84339c1369