For help. i have lost control in my mines

Hello everyone, I hope you are well
I have invested some money in mining
I won $200
I earn 5$ every day
the problem is that I reinstalled the MetaMask app and I don’t know how to connect it if any of you have any idea how it is https://???
please tell me
there you can get $88 bonus as a new member Thank you in advance


Hello @Arbeni95, welcome back!

First of all, as a personal opinion of mine about the subject you came with here, the gains you mentioned sound like a scam scheme to me. Make sure you research the respective website or dapp you are using multiple times in multiple ways and from multiple sources before going all in or anything.

You just need to remember the dapp or website you were accessing for that in order to be able to connect to it. We don’t have such information here.


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