Force password entry and multi select

There are two features that we want to add to our Sui Snap but are missing some functionality.

First one is the ability to export private keys. While technically possible, normally you’d require the user to re-enter the password for such a request, which is not possible currently because there is no API method within the Snap to force the password entry UI. I propose that a “request password entry” API call is added so that passwords can be safely exported and showed to the user within the Snap UI.

The second one is multi account support. We’d like to support the ability for users to create multiple accounts / public keys in our Snap, but the problem is, when the user is connecting to a web3 app, how does it tell it which accounts should this app be able to access? Allowing all accounts is a privacy issue. So this is not possible because there’s no way to create a multi select UI within the Snap where the user could select one or more accounts that the app would be able to access. I propose mutli select custom UI component support is added.


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These are good requests. Could you post them in the GitHub Discussion Board for Snaps? MetaMask/snaps · Discussions · GitHub

Then I will make sure the engineering team sees them.

github .com/MetaMask/snaps/discussions/1849
github .com/MetaMask/snaps/discussions/1850

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