Fraudulent requesta

Yesterday a person through FB asked to purchase two artworks and claimed he only buys through MetaMask. So I uploaded the work and sent him the adrees.
He then sent me a whatsapp saying he had problems with the purchase and asked me to send a telegram to opensea.io_support, I was suspicious but went akong, of course a long technical reply came back asking me to send equivalent of 195 $ to a specifica adress…what???
Of course I have not sent anything and Have no longer heard from the person!
Should Inreport this scam to authorities?

Hi @Mariarosaria. Always be wary of scammers. Whether to report this incident to the authorities is a decision that you must make. Please stay safe and remain cautious.

Best regards

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Thank you. I have blocked this person as suggested. I no longer have contact on any social media.
Kind regards.

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