Funds not showing, tried the basic troubleshooting

Hello! I had MATIC token in my BSC metamask wallet. I wanted to transfer it to my ETH metamask wallet. The transaction is successful and I can see it in the transaction hash. However, it’s not reflecting in the wallet. I tried doing the basic troubleshooting techniques: browser cache, I already have bsc mainnet setup, added custom token. All of it didnt work. Please help me. Thank you!

Metamask address: 0xD99E9c888FeF8b2e9BE7179CE6083e93175b6110
Transaction hash: 0x3bc9ac787ed5fcdad71d4e3d70a56abfd45ce40f8b7b5984e1c168104a68f15e

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Hi @mikiokun easy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: you must switch network to Smart Chain


Open :point_down: and click on fox :fox_face: icon

Thank for the reply Luigi! But It’s already switched to smart chain

OK open and click on fox icon :fox_face: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)