Fund transfer not being completed on Metamask

It’s been about two weeks since I transferred 2500 MATIC from Coinbase to Metamask but still not appearing. Coinbase confirmed that transfer is completed on their side. Metamask support is not responding to the support request. Anyone has any idea?

Please give the transaction Hash to check it.
My first question would be what Network did you use to send it from Coinbase? POLYGON (MATIC) or ERC20 (Ethereum)?
You are probably looking in the incorrect network if you don’t see them. Add MATIC to the ETH Mainnet in Metamask and check there. Or add the Matic Mainnet and check there, depending on the network you used.

Below is transaction hash.

Also, I found that RPC URL and Block Explorer URL on my MATIC network is different from MATIC docs. Should I change them?

The transaction was done in ETH network, so you have your MATIC on Ethereum Mainnet.

if you want to see them you need to add the MATIC token to your tokens on the Ethereum Mainnet for the Metamask wallet.

If you want to change them to the Polygon network you will need to use a Bridge. You cannot transfer between networks.

I see it.
Thank you,