Gas fees and limits tryingto swap

I’m finding metamask support a pain in the **** and for months now, just not getting the answers or solutions.
I have 54,000 old tron. Binance will exchange these for me but i cannot get them from my MM wallet. Each time i attempt, it fails on not enough gas but i have been charged four times now when i increase the gas.
What should be the gas fee? I cant go no higher than 40.
What should the gas limit be set at. I have gone to 38000 and yet is still fails to send but i still get charged. On etherscan, i states this in red and yellow.
Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [ Out of gas ]
Token Transfer Error (Unable to locate corresponding Transfer Event Logs), Check with Sender.

Can anyone tell me what i should be making the settings at to ensure i can make the transfer.