Got scammed, can't check the token approvals for BSC, "unusual traffic" on Google

SO I got scammed, was trying to invest into a project, chose the wrong Telegram Channel and got directed to a fake site.
I connected the MetaMask Wallet and clicked “purchse” on their website.
Lost some funds (BNB, so on the SmartChain), but what I’d like t make sure is that there’s no further troubles with it.

I did revoke the connection to the site on Metamask, tried to check if there was any token approval on BSCScan but the feature doesn’ seem to work. tried a couple of sites/tools, but I can’t see any of the BSC allowances, so I’m not sure if it is because they do not exist or not working.
If there’s no allowance… I wouldn’t understand how I could have spent then the BNB there.
Edit: I did check it on unrekt and DeBank and I can only see allowances from long ago, there’s none from these last days… How’s that possible?)

I also have had troubles with Google, “Unusual traffic Error” and I was wondering if it could be related, basically if I they could have installed any malware that way.

1- How can I check the allowances for BSC Chain?
2- Is it possible that revoking the site connecion would have also blocked them from using the funds any further?
3- Is it possible that the funds were spent without any token allowance?
4- Could the “unusual traffic error” from google be related to the event?
5- Any chance that in this way I might have malware in my Mac? How to solve it if so?
6- If I have spent there BNB, is there any chance that they could be spending ny other token on the same network (BSC) or even on others (ETH)?