Guys help! lost my seed phrase

Guys hello!

Unfortunately I made a backup in my PC and I lost the saved seed phrase.

I have my account no and my pass. Is there any way I can reveal my wallet?

Thank you and I am praying for a positive response.

Thank you!

Unfortunately, it is not possible without either the seed phrase or access to your previous install. The seed phrase controls the account at the blockchain level. We don’t have access to your account. Are you sure you don’t have the seed phrase written down somewhere?

One possibility is that a computer forensics company could recover the deleted MetaMask Vault from your hard drive. In order to have a chance of recovering that deleted file, you need to stop using your computer ASAP. Any data that gets written over your vault file on the hard drive will corrupt the vault file.

Any computer forensics company that specializes in recovering deleted files should be able to help. Once you have recovered the vault file, he is a a guide to accessing it with your password:

One company I know of that may be able to help is KeychainX.

Hello. I just forget to write down my seed phrase before I remove MetaMask on my computer. I bought a new PC and I was trying to immigrate my MetaMask account. But I thought I wrote it but turns out the seed phrase that I wrote belongs my old wallet. I can prove that wallet is mine with Binance deposit and withdrawal screenshots and tx hash. Does MetaMask give me my seed phrase?

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