GWEI Insufficient balance


When I try to send SHIBA INU, this error messages are displayed:

  • Gas Price (GWEI): Insufficient balance
  • Gas Limit: Insufficient balance

So I bought some ETH.
However, this ETH ended up on another network.
I have two networks. SHIBA INU is on one network and ETH is on another.

Therefore, when I tried to transfer SHIBA INU again, the “Insufficient balance” errors were again displayed.

Can anyone help me?


Hi would you like to share the wallet address then I can look into it.
Also you must have The native coin on the same network where you have the tokens to make a transfer. For example to send shib erc20 tokens you must have ETH on the Eth network then it can be paid as a gas fee.

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Hi, thanks a lot for the help.

This is the wallet:

Firstly, to transfer SHIBA INU from Binance to Metamask, I had to create this “Smart Chain” network: https://

Then, to buy ETH via Metamask, I could only do it through the default network “Ethereum Mainnet”.

This is why the credits are on different networks.


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You need a BNB :slightly_smiling_face: not ETH
Transaction fees are BNB

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Hello, I checked your wallet address. You have to do the following steps
Got to meta mask wallet and change network from ETH Network to Binance Smart Chain network. Here you have to add few details which you can google by searching the term “adding BsC network in Metamask Binance academy”
You will get the details there. I can’t paste a link here.
Once it is done you will be able to see your shib tokens in the wallet. Then you have to send some BNb into the same wallet and after that you can send those coins back.

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