Hacked account. Please help

Hello. I gave my secret phrase to scammers. They emptied the account. The problem is that it’s connected to a staking site and all rewards will be going to the scammers. Is there a way to regain some kind of control over the account or restrict scammers access to it? (please, don’t send again the “General rules” or “your account might be hacked”… I’ve read them 100 times… After the fact). What can I do now?
Metamask support is nowhere to be found. Emailed them a week ago, got an automated response and nothing since. Live support has assured me on 4 different occasions that my request for contact from tech team is “important” and I should wait. But from reading here, I understand that it’s not important to them, they won’t (can’t?) do anything…
Any ideas or help from the community seems to be the only option. Thanks in advance

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Hello, thanks for taking the time to help… Is it really possible to request a new phrase and change it in the wallet? That woould be great… Anyone had any success with this? Thanks

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Anyone else can verify this? Because I’ve read a lot of complaints from users about Metamask not helping at all. Thanks to everybody who can answer and help

Wasn’t aware you could “request a new phrase” my account was cleaned out while I slept and I just created a new one, however like the above individual, my concern is my NFT’s listed with opensea are pointed at the old compromised wallet, and I now don’t have Eth to remind

I’m sorry, but Im new to all this and don’t understand… New phrase is a new wallet or what?.. How can I stop the scammer use my hacked metamask wallet? Can you explain and do a step-by-step if you’ve got the time?

The problem is when people reach scammers claiming to be Metamask support. We dont use Gmail. We will never contact you first, or ask you for contact details, your Secret recovery phrases, or any other details about you.

Here’s an article with more detailed steps. (I know you asked that it not be posted, but there are other links that are useful. This post helps other people that may not have read it)

In short. Create a new wallet from a device you know to be secure. (if the device was breached, a new wallet could be compromised with the same method) then transfer assets to the new wallet. DO NO IMPORT THE OLD SECRET RECOVERY PHRASES.

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OK, thanks… Already done everything you said… Hard lesson learned… Thanks for taking the time to reply

Did you have any luck unstaking your NFT? I’m wondering if the team of the NFT could somehow help too?

I have a few things that are tied to the hacked address. I have not had any success with Metamask support. Maybe they will start helping people instead of ignoring the issues.
I know I can’t get what was taken from me but it was not much. I just want to be able to get rewards from the investments I’m in.

Let me know how you make out, please?

Dave -

Have you followed the steps in this post?

I’m sorry to inform you that “support” from Metamask is non-existent… After days of trying to get in touch through live chat and email, I got an automated response about how they can’t do anything about hacked accounts and you should just forget it and move on (stop using old account and create new one). So, there’s no solution. Very sorry that you’ve been scammed (just like many people). I just formatted my PC, created a new account and am trying to forget that the scammer is going to be getting rewards from my investment for life… That’s how it goes… Forget and move on



They can’t get your rewards if there is no ETH in the account. At some point I hope there will be away to get them.

I had no luck with MM either. It’s disappointing.


They technically could transfer in eth and then transfer out the rewards. People do this when draining wallets, this is why you want to get a new wallet and connect everything to a new wallet.

Also, a cold wallet is a great level of security to add.

Can you transfer out anything to a new wallet?

Whatever you are getting rewards from, you can contact that team and let them know you were compromised. They might be able to help get your rewards linked up to a new wallet you set up too?

The one will do it no problem
But the other basically said no

Are you able to remove whatever you have getting rewards and do it yourself RE: the one that said no?

I’m sorry this is happening to you.


I’m not sure how I can get them to do that.
The rewards have to be claimed they don’t get automatically sent to my MM account so I think they will be OK.

Gotcha, sounds like you have it resolved. If someone has access to your wallet, they could potentially claim but if nobody has access, you’re golden.

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