Hacked Metamask (serious)

It appears too many people are getting hacked with their metamask wallet. Last month, I just got hacked 4 ETH in total. Metamask seems not to do anything about it(i know this is crypto). But as a realtime trader and an IT, I know how phishing works and I didn’t get phished whatsoever. It’s just one day, I decided to open the account and boom, 2 of my accounts under one wallet has been taken out as well as another wallet of mine. The hacker’s address where the funds were sent to had 15 ETH(last month) and now has 26 ETH. This shouldn’t be taken lightly. The hacker seems to find a way to breach your system.

I have total of 4 metamask accounts, only the 2 OLD wallets were compromised, for some reason I am shocked how metamask doesn’t respond to this.

Moved the rest of my funds from the other 2 metamask that I have out to Binance just to be safe, gosh, this could’ve been acceptable if I knew for a fact that I logged into a phishing site or my PC was compromised but it was not!

0xa3B0422Fb23d8E0F0EaF243cDa405Dc12ECf2932 pasting the hacker’s address.